[How to eat a hot pot during weight loss to prevent obesity?

】 _Slimming_What to do

[How to eat a hot pot during weight loss to prevent obesity?

】 _Slimming_What to do

Hotpot is a very delicious food, and you can put some of the ingredients you like in it. Some people can eat more meat, and some people can eat more food.

In life, for some people who lose weight, food control is necessary, but sometimes when they see others eating hot pot, they are very embarrassed, so they regret after eating it once.

So, how to eat a hot pot during weight loss to prevent getting fat?

Don’t be a spicy pot, eat a mushroom pot or a clear soup pot.

Under normal circumstances, eat hot pot, you can eat spicy food, but if you are losing weight, then I suggest you tolerate it first, because spicy appetizers, after your appetite, onlyIt can make your weight go up, so it is recommended to be light.

Drinking is recommended not to drink beer, it is recommended to drink white wine or red wine.

Because beer will swell after drinking beer, and you will get fat if you drink too much water. If you drink beer, it is definitely impossible to get a glass or two, but if you drink white wine or red wine, it is counted by glass at most.From the point of view of water, drink white wine or wine bar if you don’t want to increase the excess.

If so, it is recommended to add more vegetables and mushrooms and less meat.

At present, the shabu-shabu is generally the one for one person, so it is up to you to decide what you want. This will not let your friends feel that you have something different, but you can also achieve the purpose of not letting the accidental index rise.

If it’s the kind of shabu-shabu that everyone cooks together, it doesn’t matter. You can eat the clear soup pot. You can eat and talk. No one cares if you eat more or eat less.

First drink a bowl of soup to warm your stomach.

You can adjust the bowl of soup yourself before shabu-shabu. Although “Tangtang Tanglong” can make people fat, you must know that you and your friends today cannot avoid drinking, so drink the bowl first.The soup warms your stomach, and then eats, which is also a good way to avoid you eating.

To eat too full, of course, including wine inside.

When you eat hot pot dishes and meat, and the wine you drink into your stomach, it will not make you feel, I ‘m good, I feel like I eat too much, and some people say, how canIt ‘s okay to stay under control. It ‘s okay for a meal, yeah, it ‘s okay, but after you eat this meal, you reduce it for three days.