[Can newborns eat pearl powder]_Newborn baby_Can I eat

[Can newborns eat pearl powder]_Newborn baby_Can I eat

It is known that pearl powder has high nutrition, young women often use pearl powder for beauty, and old people use pearl powder to shock newborns.

Many Baoma are suspecting that the newborn’s stomach is not fully developed. Can newborns eat pearl powder?

In order to allow Baomao to raise their babies better, let’s tell Baomao whether the newborn can eat pearl powder and what the newborn should eat.

First, can newborn babies eat pearl powder?

Many parents have a mistake in trying to give pearl powder to newborn babies, thinking that the baby’s skin will be white and tender in the future, and it can also pass the effect of shock, but in fact newborn babies have very low immunity and poor digestionThe consumption of pearl powder will be difficult to digest, which will cause the newborn baby to become seriously ill.

Such cases have appeared now, so newborn babies must not eat pearl powder.

Second, what can newborns eat 1. Breast milk Breast milk is the best nutrition for newborns. Within 30 minutes after birth, newborns should begin to contact the mother’s skin for more than 30 minutes, while helping newborns suck their nipples.

The neonatal feeding reflex is the strongest within half an hour after birth, and then gradually declines, and then resumes after 24 hours.

2. Some mothers of milk powder ca n’t feed the baby with breast milk due to various reasons. At this time, the baby can be properly fed with milk powder. Generally, it is 20-30ml at the beginning.Slowly increase.

In fact, the baby will not suck as long as it is full, so the mother should not force him.

The feeding amount is usually marked on the milk powder box. It is best to eat according to the above description. You cannot use the measuring spoon inside to change tools.

3. Cod liver oil Cod liver oil is indeed a nutritional product, the main ingredients are vitamins A and D.

Vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining intact vision and epithelial cells at night, and can avoid night blindness caused by vitamin A.

Vitamin D has the function of assisting the absorption of calcium and promoting bone calcification.

Children’s bones are in a state of growth and development, and they need a certain amount of vitamin D every day. If the newborn is not getting enough sun, they need to supplement vitamin D to prevent rickets.

Third, what is the best formula for newborns? 1. See if the ingredients are close to breast milk. We all know that breast milk is good for babies.

Therefore, when choosing milk powder, parents need to see clearly whether the milk powder is close to breast milk and whether it can mimic the function of breast milk, so as to supplement the best nutrition for newborn babies.

2. Choose reliable milk powders from big brands and big brands, which generally have better quality assurance.

Because baby milk powder is different from other industries, it has high barriers and requires constant funding and research and development capabilities to develop and produce high-quality milk powder that is close to breast milk and suitable for babies.

If it is a small company, it is generally difficult to bear the cost of research and development of milk powder.

Especially the milk powder produced for newborn babies needs strict control.

3. Some babies are allergic to lactose, and diarrhea may occur when eating ordinary infant formula.

Hypoallergenic milk powder does not contain lactose. It is designed for babies born with lactase deficiency and babies with chronic diarrhea leading to loss of lactase from the intestinal mucosa.

When the baby is having diarrhea, the original formula can be stopped and replaced with an alternative formula. After the diarrhea is improved, if you want to change back to the original infant formula, you can change the milk gradually by adding powder.

4, crush the protein formula (anti-diarrheal milk powder) and protein formula to break down the nutritional ingredients, after consumption can allow the baby to absorb directly.

The initial protein formula contains little or no residue, which can reduce the amount of baby’s stool. It is suitable for acute or chronic chronic diarrhea that causes the metabolic enzyme mucosa to destroy a variety of digestive enzyme deficiency babies.